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RCCP Policies

Administration of Medication Policy (2019)

Anaphylaxis and Dietary Restrictions Policy (2021)

Animals And Pets In The Preschool Policy (2016)

Arrears (2017)

Audiovisual Policy (2024)

Children With Medical Needs Policy (2023)

Code of Ethics (2016)

Compliance and Contraventions of Policies, Procedures and Individualised Plans (2017)

Criminal Reference Check Policy (2017)

Diapering and Toileting Policy (2017)

Diversity and Equality Policy (2024)

Dressing and Outdoor Play Policy (2024)

Duty to Report /Suspected Child Abuse Policy (2019)

Emergency Management Policy and Procedures (2023)

Fire Safety Policy (2017)

Food Handling, Preparation, and Storage Policy (2017)

Health Records Policy (2021)

Inclusion Policy (2024)

Implementation and Monitoring of Compliance with Program Statement Policy (2016)

Nature Based Play Policy (2024)

Occupational Health and Safety Policy (2012)

Outbreak and Pandemic Policy (2017)

Parental Concerns Policy & Procedures (2018)

Playground Safety Policy (2024)

Prohibited Practices / Behavioural Guidance Policy (2024)

Providing Snacks From Home (2021)

Registration and Withdrawal Policies and Fees (2024)

Safe Arrival and Dismissal Policy (2023)

Sanitary Practices Policy (2024)

Serious Occurrence Policy (2024)

Sick Child & Notification of Parents Policy (2024)

Staff Health Record Policy (2024)

Staff Policies and Procedures (2023)

Staff Training and Development Policy (2019)

Strategies to Support Staff in a Crisis (2023)

Supervision of Students and Volunteers Policy (2019)

Wait List Policy (2024)

Water Flushing Policy

Workplace Harassment Policy

Workplace Violence Policy

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