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Playdough Recipe


Please remember that due to allergies, we ask that when making playdough for class you use Clubhouse food colouring which is safe and available at most grocery stores.  Wilton food dyes are not safe. They may contain traces of common 7 food allergies and should not be used.



4 cups flour

2/3 cup salt

8 tsp creme of tartar

4 tsp food colouring

4 cups water

4 Tbsp oil



  1. Mix flour, salt and cream of tartar in a heavy pot. 

  2. Add water, oil and food colouring. 

  3. Heat on the stove, stirring constantly over medium to medium-high heat until the mixture pulls away from the pot. (Do not undercook or the playdough will be too sticky.)  

  4. Remove from the heat and knead immediately. 

  5. Store in an airtight container when completely cooled.

Click here for printable Playdough Recipe

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