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Snack Menu

Snack Menu - Preschool Classes MWF am and pm

Snack Menu - Toddler Class and Preschool T/Th am and pm

Children will have a placemat and cup. Refrigeration is available at the pre-school.

Important Information About Nut Allergies:

Please be aware that there are students attending our school with severe and/or life-threatening allergies to nuts and nut products.  In order to help reduce their risk of exposure to these allergens within our setting, we ask that you please implement the following strategies:

  • Do not purchase bulk food for snacks; bring all snacks in original packaging

  • Check ingredient lists for nuts, nut oils or “may contain traces of nuts”

  • If you and/or your child were eating nut products before entering the school, please wash your and your child’s hands before entering the classroom

  • Sending in food items for birthdays and special occasions is discouraged.  Families are encouraged to consider non-food alternatives instead

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