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Our Teachers:


RCCP is very fortunate to have kind, caring, and experienced teachers who are very dedicated to our school. Our teachers love their jobs and believe that it is an extreme privilege to be trusted with the care of your precious children!



2023-2024 marks my 41st year of teaching at Royal City Co-op Preschool. I started as a student teacher doing a placement with Conestoga College.
Not only have I had the pleasure of being a teacher with RCCP for all of these years, but I’ve also been a parent of the school when both my daughter and son attended. I am now enjoying teaching 2nd generations as they come to the preschool.
I enjoy reading, walking, biking and going to the beach but most importantly being with my family.
I am honoured to be part of such an amazing preschool and all of the families that pass through.  

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After completing an ECE college student placement at RCCP many, many years ago, I was so excited to be hired on as a part time teacher! 

I spent 10 years at RCCP before adventuring off to do some travelling and volunteer/mission work in Europe, Australia, and Africa! I love other cultures and am fascinated by them. I found the love of my life in Ethiopia and we have two wonderful children. 

After teaching conversational English and running a guest house at a Bible College in Ethiopia, we returned to Canada, where RCCP welcomed me back with open arms.  It was so awesome to walk back in and feel so comfortable with the same lovely teachers that I had left 10 years earlier! 

I love being a part of a Co-operative. It gives a unique opportunity to get to know the parents in a special way. In all my travels and opportunities to work with young children, I have never found a more peaceful place than RCCP.  It is a privilege and honor to be trusted with your most prized possessions!  



Before joining the teaching team, I worked at Royal City Preschool for two years as an Inclusion Facilitator and Supply Teacher, and love playing, exploring, learning and having fun with the children.

I first heard about Royal City when I was looking for a preschool for my daughter and was told that it was the best in town!  Today, I look back at my two girls' preschool days and couldn’t agree more!   It truly is the best place for kids to grow and learn!  While my girls attended Royal City Preschool, I also joined the board for two years in the role of Fundraising and Membership.

I have a teacher’s degree with a specialist in Special Education and worked at a school for children with developmental disabilities in the Peel District School Board for 5 years before having children myself.  This experience was amazing and I learned so much from the children I worked with!

One of the things I love to do most is get outside and enjoy nature.  My family and I are lucky to spend our summers between a cottage and camp, where we fill our days swimming, fishing, canoeing, hiking, catching frogs and many more fun outdoor adventures!



My name is Stephanie Vanderwoerd and I have been an ECE for 16 years.  I have enjoyed working in various centers in different cities as an RECE and also ran my own home daycare for a number of years. I am excited to be a part of Royal City Preschool!  Being a teacher in such a supportive and inclusive environment is a privilege I am very thankful for.  Thank you for trusting us with your children.  In addition to being a RECE I enjoy spending time with my own family.  I have three children aged 15, 12 and 9.  We enjoy camping, hiking with our dog and canoeing together.  I also enjoy fitness and am passionate about living a healthy, wholistic lifestyle.  I look forward to every year spent at Royal City Co-op Preschool learning from each other, your children and providing the best preschool experience we can! 



My name is Angela and I have been a supply teacher at RCCP for about one year while I completed a BA in Child and Youth Studies. Prior to supply teaching, I was an Education Director for Scholars Canada and spent a few years creating learning programs for children in grades JK-8. I’m originally from Montréal and have been living in Ontario for a little over 8 years now. I am SO excited to be working with the toddlers this year and cannot wait to watch them learn new exciting things, have fun and grow! I view myself as a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all children to be successful learners. When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy spending most of my time outdoors, hiking and camping with my fiancée, friends and family. I’m a big foodie and love to travel to learn new cultures. I look forward to my time spent with the children and families at RCCP! 


I began working the preschool field in 2018. I loved it so much that I decided to return to school for Early Childhood Education. I graduated in spring of 2023 and am so excited to be joining RCCP as a teacher this fall! Prior to this I have worked as an inclusion facilitator at different preschools, including RCCP. I have also spent over 10 years providing in home support to children with disabilities.

I am truly looking forward to singing, dancing, creating, and learning with your children this year. I love having the opportunity to watch children grow as individuals. Throughout this year they will all make new friends, learn from experience, build independence, and gain confidence in themselves that they can carry through for years to come. I feel so privileged to be a part of their journey.

My wife and I enjoy volunteering with Girl Guides of Canada. We like being outside listening to the sounds of nature and having quiet time at home with our cat.


My name is Diane Pelow also known as "DEE". Yes! One of the children gave me this name. So "DEE" it is. :)  I have been blessed to have successfully worked over 20 years with many families nurturing, caring and helping with the development of their children. Its wonderful to be returning back to Royal City Coop Nursery School for the 2023-24 year and look forward to seeing our new little friends.

I am a Mom of 3 beautiful grown children (2 girls and a boy). We moved from Milton to Guelph 6 years ago and love it here. On my spare time I enjoy family time, the outdoor, kayaking, camping, trail biking, hiking, festivals, music and the arts.


Stephanie Li

Hello, I'm Stephanie Li, and I've been working as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) since 2018. In my approach to working with children, I prioritize fostering a strong sense of belonging in the classroom. It's crucial to me that each child feels valued, heard, and has opportunities to showcase their unique talents and abilities.

I've had the pleasure of running my own class at RCCP in the past, and it's been an incredibly fulfilling experience. Additionally, I work as a supply educator at the school board, serving as both an Educational Assistant (EA) and an ECE. Balancing these roles with my busy family life keeps me on my toes.

Speaking of family, I'm a proud parent of three wonderful children aged 3, 6, and 9. They are my world, and we love spending time together outdoors, whether it's camping, swimming, hiking, or simply enjoying each other's company at home.

I consider it a privilege to care for and spend time with your children. The sense of community at RCCP is something I deeply appreciate, and I'm excited to build stronger connections with both you and your kids as the year progresses.

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